Brush Architects, LLC is an architecture firm dedicated to the investigation, restoration, modernization, design and repair of existing buildings.  Our design methodology values an architect-led solution to existing buildings challenges and  our design philosophy has an emphasis on building modernization and historic preservation.  As a woman owned business (WBE CERTIFIED), Brush Architects is positioned to provide incentive set aside qualifications for owners and design teams throughout the world.

Brush Architects’ principal, Mary Brush, has 15+ years of experience with building envelope investigative and historic preservation/restoration design.  Mary Brush was the 2012 President of AIA Illinois and is a member and leader in numerous affiliated professional organizations.  She was the 2005 laureate of the Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship which selects one American Architect every two years to work with elite preservation architects throughout France, and one French architect in alternating years to work in the United States.


Investigation is crucial to understand what is happening with existing building. We design solutions by first diagnosing the cause of the problem. Whether it is a leak, a crack or any other damage to the building, our challenge is to design the repair within the context of the original building.
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Architecture is a team profession. We Restoration is the renewal of historic and vintage - or not yet historic properties. The building components are prioritized for conservation measures and opportunities for modernization. Restoration is the re-discovery of original finishes, re-creation of missing elements - and the design strategy to bring the building into its next generation of use.
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Historic Preservation is the management of change; what was, is or could be important to future generations. The architect’s role includes assisting the owner toward a cost effective plan to “do no harm”, be reversible, restore early glory and, if necessary, dismantle for future reuse.
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