Winnetka Village Hall


winnetka-300Winnetka Village Hall

510 Green Bay Road

Winnetka, IL 60093

Built: 1925

Original Architect:

Restoration Architect: Mary Brush, Holabird & Root


Building History
The Georgian Revival style 2 story limestone village hall was designed in 1925 by Edwin H. Clark.  The building is a local landmark and is actively used by the community as the village Hall, seat of local government and houses office for most municipal services.

Preservation and Building Pathology Challenges
Holabird & Root was retained by The Village of Winnetka to modernize and restore the building.  We were frequently reminded of the unofficial motto of ‘progress with no change.’  The building was to provide improved services and modern office spaces, while maintaining all familiar characteristics, and to be a leader for the community in Sustainability and LEED compliance.

Design Solutions
Mary Brush, as the Preservation Group Leader at Holabird & Root led the design team for the building envelope restoration and the interior finishes restoration.  This included the cleaning of the limestone primarily of the biological discoloration from years of vine growth, restoration of the arch top and double hung windows throughout the building, restoration of the clay tile roof re-using 60% of the original clay tiles, and integrating the new mechanical system vents in an unused chimney, away from pedestrian view.  The clock tower required new metal cladding and wood conservation, but the copper roof was in serviceable condition and re-installed.

The building interior received restoration of the council chambers including revitalized finishes to the walnut paneling, renewal of the Athenian Oath that guides principle decisions of the village leaders.  A new dais for the meetings that allows security protection as well as full technology, and a restored plaster ceiling that previously had been subject to numerous penetrations.  the primary public spaces were restored with new plaster ceilings, polished and repaired travertine, and revitalized walnut finishes.