Brush Architects offers a variety of services to architects, engineers, building owners and facility managers.  Based on industry and architectural standards for investigative procedures, Brush Architects uses the principles of historic preservation to diagnose material failures and façade deterioration in order to design and implement traditional or innovative repairs.   Whether a building is two or two hundred years old, the solution ideally is compatible with the original intent of the architecture, complimentary to the current uses, and respectful of the owner’s financial planning for the maintenance of the building.

We offer condition assessments, from basic visual observation to full hands-on condition analyses.  After the condition and deterioration mechanism is identified, Brush Architects works with design teams, material testing specialists, and consultants chosen specifically for the building’s needs in order to develop repair programs, design packages including specifications, drawing and full bid documents, and construction administration services.

Brush Architects specializes in the following services:

Pre-design ServicesDesign DevelopmentConstruction Management
Facade InvestigationHistorical Materials PrioritiesInspection/Observation
Historical ResearchConceptual DesignsSite Visits
Field InvestigationCost EstimatesSubmittals
Materials TestingSustainable Design ExpertiseShop Drawing Review
Condition AssessmentConstruction DocumentsAs-Built History