Mary Brush, Principal



Exceptional Effort

Mary Brush has been a pioneer in the inspection, design and restoration of the facades of buildings accessed by swing stage and industrial rope systems. When Mary began rappelling down buildings in 1998, an architect would rarely be considered for such tasks that were typically within the realm of engineers and contractors.   Her hands-on investigation enables the discovery of material behavior patterns in order to build sympathetic design solutions. Whether it is rappelling down towers to investigate clock face welds, assessing statue anchorages on tower offsets or walking theater coves to diagnose falling plaster, Mary goes where architects are needed to discern building dynamics to provide architectural solutions that are complimented by engineering and material expertise.

Technical Expertise

Mary has over 15 years of experience with building envelope investigation and restoration as well as interior/exterior historic preservation, research, design and construction services.  Her talents include critical and on-going facade reports, drawings development, bidding and construction management, technical specifications and architectural construction services.  Her hands-on approach from investigation through construction observation is integral to the success of her projects.

International Recognition

Mary’s accomplishments in the field of historic preservation have been recognized by the international juries of the American Architecture Foundation and the French Heritage Society (Societe des Vielles Maisons Francaises).  She was awarded the Richard Morris Hunt (RMH) Fellowship in 2005.  The RMH Fellowship recognizes one American architect every two years and provides the opportunity to spend six months working with elite preservation architects throughout France.  She has published several articles based on the innovative techniques she learned and has applied them to projects with unqualified success.

Career History

  • Holabird & Root – Preservation and Building Envelope Group Leader
  • Klein and Hoffman, Inc. – Director of Preservation
  • LZA Technology/Thornton Tomasetti – Senior Project Director
  • Mayer Jeffers Gillespie – Architect