Historic Preservation is the management of change; what was, is or could be important to future generations.   The architect’s role includes assisting the owner toward a cost effective plan to “do no harm”, be reversible, restore early glory and, if necessary, dismantle for future reuse.  





In the opportunity for preservation, rehabilitation and restoration, Brush Architects has extensive experience with the challenges associated with cost effective and well reasoned design solutions.

Brush Architects’ system of architect-led restoration is that the solution integrates knowledge of what the perfect repair is, as well as the practical repair opportunities.  The benefits our clients by establishing options for how to treat a building as a potential museum piece as well as a practical art component with client funded real estate improvements.  Clients will also benefit from a relationship with Brush Architects due to the efficiency that we can provide having executive involvement at each stage of the project, from presentation through construction services.