investigationInvestigation is crucial to understand what is happening with existing building.  We design solutions by first diagnosing the cause of the problem.  Whether it is a leak, a crack or any other damage to the building, our challenge is to design the repair within the context of the original building.




Building envelope investigation requires an in-depth knowledge of what exists, how it may have been designed and the ability to discern how it is moving.   This leads to an understanding of the building pathology and guides the design solution.  Our hands-on approach provides documentation, quantification and detail coordination that provides both the client and contractors with real conditions, details, works scope quantities and an understanding of the cause of the problems.

We have designed and implemented solutions on buildings constructed from the 1880’s through the 2000’s.  We have performed facade examinations for buildings clad with contemporary curtain wall with insulated metal panels and structural glazing as well as historic buildings clad with brick, terra cotta, granite and concrete.  Our methodology varies and is custom designed for the building materials and design concerns.