Restoration is the renewal of historic and vintage – or not yet historic properties.  The building components are prioritized for conservation measures and opportunities for modernization.  Restoration is the re-discovery of original finishes, re-creation of missing elements – and the design strategy to bring the building into its next generation of use.




Brush Architects can perform the perfect restoration of finishes as demonstrated with Mary’s experience on the Cultural Center Tiffany Dome while she was the Preservation Group Leader at Holabird & Root.  We are also in the restoring the slate roof and chimneys of Allerton Mansion and Carriage house for the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where the slate is being replaced to match and the chimneys will be reconstructed salvaging the face brick for reinstallation.  We have also restored a 2008 curtain wall by investigating the components for the source of water infiltration and designing the solution.